You may enroll in the Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust through your personal attorney, or directly through one of our staff members by calling 248-269-1319 or via email

•  You do not have to have an attorney, however a personal attorney is recommended as Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust staff members cannot provide legal counsel.

•  Please review our Permissible Disbursements which gives examples of what the Trust can pay for based on benefits received and the benefits of using Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust here.

What is the process?

Either on your own or with your attorney, please review the First-Party or Third-Party Declaration of Trust before you sign any paperwork.

Please complete and submit the following documents:

  1. First-Party Joinder Agreement or Third-Party Joinder Agreement – signed, original, notarized.
  2. Notice of Fees – signed
  3. Beneficiary Information Form
  4. Copies of ID and benefits information (SSI/SSDI/Medicare/Medicaid/Proof of insurance): If you are unable to locate this information, a Statement of Benefits can be requested by calling Social Security at 800-772-1213.
  5. Funding check: Made out to Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust, add the beneficiary’s name in the memo line.  
  6. Letters of Authority (if applicable): Conservatorship, Guardianship, Representative payee, Power of Attorney, etc.
  7. Pre-Paid Funeral Contract (if applicable)

Please mail the above items to:

Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust
5505 Corporate Drive, Ste. 300
Troy, MI 48098